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In this course in the Healthcare Marketplace specialization you will identify, define, and describe potential business and public policy solutions to the challenges facing society’s growing demand for health services. You will understand diverse philosophies and cultures within and across societies as they relate to healthcare. This outcome is particularly critical because of the trade offs needed to be assessed as medical technology advances faster than budgets and perhaps cultures are sometimes willing to tolerate.

you will gain an appreciation for the role of creativity, innovation, discovery, and expression across disciplines in the development of new medical care solutions through and examination of the physician, medical technology and financing sub-sectors of the health economy.

What you'll learn?

  • Personalized Health Solutions
    Consumers expect health care services customized to suit their needs, health history & scores of other personal attributes.
  • Information on Request
    Appropriate access to health knowledge is vital for the management of individual health.
  • Patient Experience Benchmarks
    Health systems are beginning to embrace more patient–centric metrics of care, by focusing on treatment outcomes.
  • Care-anywhere networks
    Technology will reduce the utilisation of hospitals, nursing homes, and physician office visits. Wherever they go, the care network shall follow!
  • Telehealth
    Through collaboration and investment, a grid of technicians, clinicians, hospitals & doctors would be able to offer consultations remotely.

To understand this framework in relevance with the on demand economy now taking roots in healthcare industry, let’s take a look at the possible business models, and the constituent layers of interaction.



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