Course Details: Fundamentals of Lithium-ion Cell and Battery

This course is an advanced-level course designed to quickly introduce electrochemistry principals and how they are applied to the practical application of Lithium-ion Cells. This module will highlight the mechanical and chemical considerations made during design to tailor cell performance for applications and manufacture. The topic is explored further with the inclusion of cell selection for application, alternatives to Lithium-ion, understanding failure modes and a look at today’s global market.

What you'll learn?

  • Understand what goes in to a lithium-ion cell and the key principles of electrochemistry
  • Learn how design and manufacturing decisions affect overall cell and battery pack performance
  • Understand why cells fail and prevention methods

Skills you will gain

Electrochemistry Lithium-ion Cell Safety Global Market

Who should attend: 

This course is intended for:
  • Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Commercial staff looking to build on their technical understanding

This course course will cover the following topics:

Lithium-ion global and Indian Business market
15 Minutes
Types of Battery and Classification
15 Minutes
Li-Ion cell Technology
15 Minutes
Lithium-ion cell electro-chemistry
15 Minutes
Lithium-ion cell electro-chemistry- Part II
15 Minutes
Li ion cell Parameters
15 Minutes
Li ion cell Parameters - Part II
15 Minutes
Cell and Battery pack performance
15 Minutes
Why cells fail and prevention methods
15 Minutes

Admission Process

Any one, who want to learn about Solar Technology, want to install solar power system can take this course to know about solar system.

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  • Lectures 9 Nos
  • Doubts Clear (Q&A) Yes
  • Duration 4 week
  • Assessments Yes
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