Course Details: E-Commerce and online Business Management

Conducting business online is essential for many organizations. Even if a company does not sell its products/services online, it’s helpful to have a website and a social media presence for engagement and brand awareness purposes.

E-commerce makes it simple to buy and sell products/services online, however it can be challenging as businesses must consider ways to stand out in competitive markets, how and where to invest their marketing budgets, and how best to engage with consumers. 

This program offers the ultimate knowledge and skills for you to become an e-commerce whizz and resolve all the above questions. Upon graduation, whether you want to join a global organization or you’re an entrepreneur, this program will ensure you succeed, allowing you to manage an online business. 

What you'll learn?

  • Successfully start and run an online business.
  • Develop, plan, and execute a comprehensive online marketing plan.
  • Become proficient online platforms

The career path that awaits you

You can gone onto pursue successful careers in the following roles: 

  • Digital marketing consultant / strategist 
  • Digital marketing manager 
  • Digital account manager
  • Advertising consultant
  • E-Commerce consultant / strategist
  • Marketing coordinator 
  • Marketing director 



Integrated Web Communication
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Understanding your market
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Customers and competitors
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Business challenge
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Operations and technologies
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The Role of web marketing
Detail of the session

Conceptual Framework of Web Marketing Communication
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Fundamentals of Web Advertising And Promotions
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Admission Process

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