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 A skill is the ability to carry out a physical or mental activity that adds to the overall performance of a specific job task. Employers often look for employees and applicants who possess certain skills in order that they can create productive and efficient workplaces. While there are several different skills needed in a professional environment, a majority of them are rooted in how employees communicate and work with each other and how all necessary planning and research are handled in the workplace. Examples of some of the most essential skills needed in the contemporary workplace include planning, multitasking, leadership, creativity, and research.

Skills training


Skills training is designed to provide employees with the targeted training they need to gain the knowledge and abilities necessary to fulfill the specific requirements of their job positions. Skills training can also be used to re-educate and retrain employees whenever new technology, processes or systems debut. In addition to skills training for employees, there are also special training programs for new graduates who are just getting started in the workplace. Such training can be especially beneficial for jobs that require applicants to have experience. Additional specialized training programs include those for disabled veterans, workers’ compensation clients and vocational rehabilitation.

IST Skills inventory

A skill inventory is a list of an individual’s professional competencies or skills. To fulfill industry requirement, IST developed theory, practical and on-side job combine course curriculum with up-to date software training and project management process.  

Technical Job skill:

1. selling and promotional methods
2. depth product knowledge on the product
3. understand client requirement and satisfy the customer
4. Design of residential or commercial solar power systems
5. PV design and energy simulation solution, shading analysis, solar electricity generation calculations.
6. Shading analyses, Site selection, Accurate energy calculations, Design optimization, System layouts, Fast string design, Detailed and customized report
7. BOQ, P.O, filling tender form
8. Develop design specifications and functional requirements for residential, commercial, or industrial solar energy systems or components.
9. Perform simulation of solar photovoltaic (PV) generation system performance or energy production to optimize efficiency.
10. Web-based Monitoring Service - Real-time remote monitoring of power generation and site conditions
11. about tax implications or special taxes levied on material purchase from different sources and locations
12. quality purchasing and procurement process

Professional Skills:

You can able to
1. negotiate with client
2. manage customer database
3. various type of report making, documentation
4. communicate with suppliers, negotiate with supplier
5. interpersonal relationships
6. Communicate with supervisor and co ordinate with co workers
7. work as a team member for achieving quality work/customer satisfaction
8. Understand company's policies and needs

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